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Why Protect the Environment?

How would you feel if the Simcoe and Muskoka Health Authority declared Clear Lake unsafe? What would you do if you couldn't swim in Clear Lake? What would you do if you couldn't drink the water from Clear Lake? Impossible you say? Well think again! That is exactly what happened to Three Mile Lake.

Why you may ask? It's because the cottagers failed to protect their lake environment. They didn't know or didn't care. They used soaps and dish washing products that contained phosphorous. They used fertilizers to make their lawns look pretty. They stripped the shore line of vegetation. They took their lake for granted. Well, we need to learn from their mistakes and take the necessary steps to ensure that Clear Lake doesn't end up like Three Mile Lake on the front page of the newspaper with a headline that reads "Clear Lake in Torrance is dead!".

Don't believe that it can happen to us. Read these articles on what had happened to others and then think about what it would mean to you personally if it happened to Clear Lake.

What are cyanobacteria?

Cyanobacteria is the scientific name for blue-green algae, or "pond scum." The first known species were blue-green in colour, which is how the algae got their name. The bacteria can range in colour from olive-green to red.

Blue-green algae are bacteria that grow in shallow, warm, slow moving or still water such as fresh water lakes, ponds and wetlands. When blue-green algae becomes abundant, they can form blooms that discolour the water or produce floating scums on the surface of the water. These blooms are likely to occur more often in warmer months.

Friends of the Muskoka Watershed

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