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Cottaging Information

This section is designed to include general information on cottaging on Clear Lake. Our intent is to make this dynamic and update it frequently. If you have information that you would like to share with others on the lake, please forward it to and we will review it for publication here. We can't promise to include everything that is sent in, but encourage you to actively support this section of the web site with your ideas and input.

Tree Removal and Site Alteration:

Before you remove any trees or perform site alteration (such as adding infill, removing topsoil, removing/blasting rocks, etc.) please make sure you have the proper permits and are familiar with the Townships by-laws:

Marker Buoys:

Please have a visual knowledge of where the marker buoys normally are. They can move or break free during a storm, or if someone has tied up to them. Please do not tie up to the buoys on the shoal or on any other buoys on the lake.

Boat Launch Ramp:

A public ramp is available, but in respecting the neighbours please pick a reasonable time, and where possible, limit your use of the ramp to a single in and out for the season.

Please clean and scrub the hull of your boat if you have been boating in other lakes. You should empty your bilge water and leave the boat out of water for a few days if possible. This will prevent Zebra Mussels and other undesired creatures from populating our lake.

Cottage Safety Tips:

For tips on cottage safety, please review the Cottage Watch Tip Sheet, 17Kb.



Your CLPOA needs your financial support. We can't operate without some level of funding. Please return your payment promptly. This will save time for our volunteers who have had to spend time going door-to-door collecting dues. We appreciate those members who realize with multiple families enjoying the many benefits of being a member, that they submit dues for each "family" residing in the cottage.