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Camp Pine Crest

Camp Pine Crest

At the south end of the lake, there is a children's camp run by the Toronto YMCA that runs through the summer. Camp Pine Crest first opened in 1910, and moved to its current location in 1911. The camp is comprised of 650 acres and it is situated on the shores of Clear Lake, Gull Lake and Echo Lake, near Torrance in the Muskokas.

The camp currently has 28 cabins. The fourteen boy cabins are named for birds, and the fourteen girl cabins are named for mammals. The girls cabins are geographically located along the coast of Fralock Bay and Bantam Bay. The boys cabins are geographically located south of First Point on Clear Lake. There is a section in the middle called "Leaderland" that contains 4 cabins, which are reserved for the CIT and LIT participants.

During the summer you may see the children on canoe and portage trips across the lake, but generally they don't interact with the cottagers.

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