Clear Lake Property Owners Association Clear Lake Property Owners Association
Lake Courtesy
Boaters Code

Clear Lake is our shared asset and we all need to share it respectfully. We have created a set of 'lake courtesy principles' that we ask everyone to follow. Please help us to keep Clear Lake a special place for all.

Always practice safe boating

  • Watch out for others (canoes, sail boats, swimmers, other boats)
  • Keep at least 100 feet from the shore
  • Keep speed at a reasonable level (less than 5mph within 100 feet of shore)
  • Water ski and wake boarding in the middle of the lake, to reduce waves and shore line erosion

Keep noise levels down - sound travels a long way on the lake

  • Keep music levels down to a reasonable level
  • Prevent shouting and loud screaming by children
  • No loud music, parties outdoors after 11:00PM
  • Avoid boating or other loud activities before 9:00AM

Keep our environment clean

  • Review the Keeping it Clean section and think green in everything you do and use at the cottage
  • Remember, if we pollute our lake we will have nothing left