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Renters Guide

Many Clear Lake cottagers rent out their cottages during the year to help defray taxes and maintenance costs. While we all welcome new people to our lake, we would appreciate it if they had an understanding of cottage etiquette and showed respect for those who own cottages on the lake.

This section is yet to be developed, but is intended to act as a guidebook for people who are renting a cottage on the lake and may not know some of the basic etiquette of cottage life. This should be a downloadable document (pdf) that can be e-mailed and printed off. We would encourage any cottager who is renting (or loaning) their cottage to review it with the prospective renter so that they understand what Clear Lake is about and how they should 'fit in'. It should be welcoming and encourage them to enjoy their time at the lake, but to also respect that there are others who live here as well.

Here is a good starting set of suggestions, courtesy of The Weekend Post:

If anyone would is interested in helping to write a more comprehensive guide, tailored to our lake, please send an e-mail to or contact any executive member!